Lila is a straight-up fun girl

Her gorgeous tight petite figure and cute short wavy hair are the first thing you'll notice, but there is also an intelligence that quickly becomes apparent. Confident and thoughtful, Lila makes a great conversationalist on top of her expertise in the bedroom. She is caring and compassionate and quick to get the chemistry going.
I really enjoyed my time with her and found myself very comfortable in her company. Certainly a girl that deserves to be appreciated in every way.

John, Melbourne VIC

Chloe is sweet and kind

If you asked me to find a more beautiful soul, a more beautiful woman inside and out, I promise you that I'd tell you it's impossible. Chloe is the sweetest, kindest and most caring person on the planet. Her beauty is just the tip of the iceberg.
If you treat her like the queen she is, I promise you that you will be the one who is spoilt and feel like a king.
The world is a better place with a person like her in it.
The word 'perfect' was made to describe Chloe xx

Peter, Melbourne VIC

Mindy, an absolute fire cracker in bed

I have seen this sexy woman twice now. The first time she visited my residence, to say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement. Before she arrived she asked me if I had any requests for what to wear & she came in exactly what I asked. It was freezing on the day and she texted me when she was on her way, saying how naughty she felt knowing she was wearing no panties & a tiny T-shirt with a big coat covering her. This instantly got me turned on. Her body is a 10/10 - she has the best bum I’ve ever seen & naturally large breasts which I loved. She keeps herself very fit, which made the sex amazing. She is the best kisser - I could have kissed her for hours. After finishing our amazing session we lay in bed talking & I felt comfortable enough to show her photos of my kids & basically told her my life story. She is legitimately one of the most down to earth working girls I have ever met. She genuinely loves her job & makes you feel like you're a king. She was so easy to converse with and I enjoyed my time so much I ended up booking her again two days later at a stunning apartment near the CBD. Next time I’m in Melbourne I will be definitely staying with her again. If you're after a lady who can offer a great GFE and is an absolute fire cracker in bed, then this girl is the one. Thank you once again my sex goddess!

Roger, Melbourne VIC

Bonnie, perfectly personal service from a genuinely warm-hearted soul

I was able to meet Bonnie recently for a wonderful hour of relaxation. I was treated to a perfectly personal service from a genuinely warm-hearted soul who was completely in tune with how to make me tingle. I left feeling 100% satisfied, and cannot wait for the chance to meet her again.

Frank, Melbourne VIC

April, very friendly and open personality 

April and I had our first appointment together and I must say she was rather incredible! I was surprised to find how quickly and without prompting she was able to react to my subtle body language when it came to pushing my pleasure/pain threshold. I was also pleasantly surprised at her use of her own body. I am over 6ft and she still managed to reach and touch all the right places in all the right ways. She also has a very friendly and open personality and even suggested new fun ways to heat things up. If you have the time, I’d recommend going for a longer booking to experience some of her professional talent. I will be seeing her again next time she is in town and I strongly recommend you do too.

William, Melbourne VIC

Jade, an enchanting woman

Jade is a lovely, enchanting, woman - intelligent, articulate, and very easy company. She is also a skilled and considerate lover. I am content with just her company and could not be bothered seeking out others while she is willing to see me. I can recommend her highly.

Akshay, Melbourne VIC

Deni, an amazing experience

Wow. This woman is amazing. Sex was amazing but the oral service was even better. The tricks this woman can perform with her mouth ... there are no words to explain.

Phil, Melbourne VIC

Anastasia is just amazing at giving and taking pleasure

Without going into the details of our intimate times together, Anastasia is just amazing at giving and taking pleasure in bed. Her taut, svelte body and sexy looks, words and moves had me rock hard throughout our time together. And Anastasia really knows how to take full advantage of the hardness she creates for both of us when we are together. I'm getting hard just thinking about it.

Mike, Melbourne VIC